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Cookies at Skyline Owners Club

We use cookies on Skyline Owners Club in an effort to improve your browsing experience. Most modern browsers allow you to restrict the usage of cookies - please check your browser's settings.
Using the "Remember Me" feature upon logging in will set several cookies – these are used to remember your visit to the forum to prevent you from having to log in again next time!
All modern browsers have settings that can allow or disallow cookies from specific sites. Be prepared for the site to act a little odd (i.e. not remembering settings) if you choose to disable cookies.

List of common cookies we use

  • bblastvisit - Last login time
  • bblastactivity - Last activity time
  • bbsessionhash - Session cookie (deleted on browser exit) - Identifies session
  • bb_userstyleid - "Skin" of the forum (deleted on browser exit)
  • skimlinks_enabled - Skimlinks, a monetisation tool used by the forum. Skimlinks cookie information.
  • PHPSESSID - A unique ID which is created during logon (deleted on browser exit)
  • OAID - A cookie set by our advertising platform OpenX. OpenX Privacy Policy.
  • bb_userid - Unique user ID token (deleted on browser exit)
  • fbm_[number] - Facebook sign-in integration
  • fbsr_[number] - Facebook profile integration
Our privacy policy is also available to read.

If you have any questions about the cookies above or anything else to do with privacy, please Contact Support.