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Thread: Jap frequencies expanded on bose radio

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    Jap frequencies expanded on bose radio

    I was up for changing the bandwidth expander on the Bose system fitted to my 2003 350GT because the reception is shot, but when I got to it I found that it's a special sort due to twin coaxial aerial cables coming from the radio. Can anyone tell me what type of Bandwidth Expander I need to look for. Should reception be similar to a UK radio with a B.E. fitted, or am I expecting too much?

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    I would take the Bose out and replace it with the double din dash kit. Its only time begore the bose packs it in and wont work.
    Dont get the metra kit.
    Ive changed alot of those dashes out. I dont know what frequency you run in the UK. But there are fm band expanders that convert the twin aerisl plug to single.

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