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Thread: selecting correct bottom end bearings

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    selecting correct bottom end bearings

    Hello all, every so slowly rebuilding my rb20det

    I have measured my crank journals to check against factory spec, the bigend/pins all measure the same vary a tenth, all are marked as grade 1 on the crank and measure to be on the bottom limit of grade 1 - not much of a problem there, still to measure internal of rods.

    the mains vary a little bit grade 0-2 stamped on the crank, when measured more are grade 1 and one a grade 2, the one small one is .001 of a mm one micron under bottom limit - is this something to worry about and avoid using that grade of bearing ?

    Im not sure as to how much i can be out microns/tenths without worrying ?

    Also as the sizes vary a little on the mains would that mean i need two different size bearings of will one 'do' ?

    I have read that some garages just chuck same across the board.

    any ideas of who to ask would be great cheers

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    Do you have its picture?

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