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Thread: Nylon coilpack rails

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    Nylon coilpack rails

    I bought a set of nylon coilpack rails last month and as the sun actually made an appearance today I decided to fit them.
    No problems were had and the fitment was perfect. My question is though, should I remove the cable retainers?

    Surely they are a potential earthing "strap"? The coilpack cover goes back on after so there's no problem with the loom flapping about or getting caught. Seems pointless eliminating the metal rail and bolts to help remove the possibility of the coilpacks arcing down to earth and then leaving big metal straps next to the coilpacks and loom. I know they are insulated but plastic/rubber of this age shrinks and cracks and could get compromised.

    Better to remove completely or keep?
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    When I tried to do mine the coilpack rail bolts were not going to budge, so I have to leave them alone. I didn't have any of those straps on mine, so I assume someone either already removed them or they don't come on the RB26. My guess is that you'd be fine without them.

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