Tomorrow I'm going to make up a new rear parcel-shelf for my GTST. I've got a sheet of 9mm MDF and my old OEM shelf is out of the car and ready to be used as a template.
Now I've looked through all 8 pages in the I.C.E. section, looking for what make speakers I should fit, the best size i.e. 6-6.5", 6x9's, 8" subs etc. I've decided to fit a fit a pair of 6x9's. I realise that I'm going to have to raise them up on spacers so they'll fit into the recesses in the metal parcel-shelf.
I can't find the following info though so I thought I'd ask on here:

1. What is the maximum diameter the magnet on the bottom of the speaker can be?
2. What is the maximum depth I can go to, if I'm fitting 12mm MDF spacers to raise the speaker up?

I'll need this info to source a set of 6x9's that will fit but if anyone else has done this, please let me know what speakers you eventually fitted and how they performed.

Thanking you in advance