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Thread: JBL speakers - what amp?

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    JBL speakers - what amp?

    Just fitted a pair of 6.5" JBL Stage 602 speakers into my new parcelshelf.
    The sound gets distorted even though it's only getting a signal from the new Sony head unit. As the speaker cables could be knackered, I'm gonna try and amp them up.

    Any ideas as to what amp is sufficent to power them up?
    Don't want to spend a fortune so a good budget amp, new or used I'd be interested in.
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    I'd replace the speaker cable if you've not already done so, the factory stuff wasn't the best.

    Not much of a sound system guy but I know picking an amp is a bit of a science based on speaker power, number of channels, headunit compatability and what exactly you want out of the sound system. Find the numbers you want for your speakers and then get the amp that matches those numbers.

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    Those speakers are 45w rms (135w max) @ 4ohm
    So, you would ideally need an amp that can supply 90w rms (270w max) @ 4ohm to run them.

    Reason being, if you have a 45w amp as it hit's it's peak power output (45w) it start's clipping the sound wave being sent to the speaker. That clipped sound wave is played as distortion and is what will destroy your speaker.
    With a 90w amp, you would be delivering more power than the speaker can handle at full volume, but at lower volume it will be playing the original sound wave at a level the speaker can cope with.
    However, in the real world - - would be an acceptable choice as it can still deliver comfortably more power than the speakers can use.

    You would also need to know what output's your head unit has, most good quality unit's would have a set of RCA's (2 front, 2 rear, and possibly 1 or 2 for sub) which you would then run straight to the amp.

    A power wiring kit is also recommended, with a high grade fused positive, trigger lead (taps into the aerial signal lead), and negative cable. Keep the negative as short as possible.
    As for speaker cable, Oxygen Free Copper will be your best option and will just need spade terminal's crimping on the speaker end's and either ring terminal's or bare wire at the amp end. should be all the cabling you need.

    Setting up is fairly straight forward though can annoy the neighbours. With the amp turned right down, turn the head unit up to full volume (or as high as you can go without distorting the other speaker's) and then slowly increase the amps gain until you get distortion or a change in the quality of the sound. Then back it off a little and your done.
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    Boom, that's a pretty damn comprehensive reply Gambit, good work 😎

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