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Thread: History of the Turbo Charger

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    History of the Turbo Charger

    Hi All, thought we would write an article on the History of the Turbocharger

    The full article about the History of the Turbocharger can we read on our blog

    A short history of Turbocharging

    Internal combustion pioneers Gottileb Daimler and Rudolf Diesel are credited with first exploring the possibility of improving the power output of their engines through forced induction in the late 19th century. Diesel is actually deemed the inventor of the first mechanical supercharger around the late 1890s.

    It wasn’t until the early part of the 20th century that a Swiss engineer by the name Dr. Alfred Buchi put forward his plans for a supercharger driven by exhaust gases, marking the birth of the turbo. However, this earlier version of turbocharging technology wasn’t effective enough to maintain the pressure required in order to provide enhanced performance.

    During the 1930s, turbo compressors were used almost exclusively in large engines, such as those of locomotives or ships. In 1938, a Swiss company called Schweizer Maschinenfabrik Saurer developed the first turbochargers for commercial diesel trucks. Throughout the 1950s, turbocharging technology was developed and refined further, which led to turbos being utilized more and more on heavy commercial vehicles like excavators and earthmovers. In 1952, a car using turbocharged engine started in the famous Indianapolis Race on the pole position. Again in the USA, around 1962-3 the Chevrolet Corvair Monza and the Oldsmobile Jetfire became the first production car equipped with exhaust turbocharger.

    The full article about the History of the Turbocharger can we read on our blog

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    Cool, thanks for posting a good read

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