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FS: HKS Camshaft EX 272 Step1 RB26 GTR34 [2202-RN136]

HKS Part Number : 2202-RN136

HKS Camshafts (2202-RN136)

STEP1 Camshaft, Base Radius 32mm Duration : 272 Deg, Position: Exhaust, Valve Lift: 8.7mm, Valve Timing: 113 Deg

Now available at the Moff Shop, the Camshaft EX 272 Step1 for RB26 GTR34 is designed as a simple bolt-on kit that without needing to change or alter any cylinder head parts and valve timing.

Upgrading to this camshaft will drastically improve your vehicle’s performance by altering your cam duration and lift. It optimizes your torque and horsepower over the widest power band possible. This camshaft is constructed from new billet cores made of iron alloy with high nickel content.*

Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R 1999 2001 RB26DETT 2.6L - 4WD Petrol

Price: 290.00
Price (inc. VAT): 348.00

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