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FS: Nissan GTR Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs

The #1 Choice of Automotive Enthusiasts Worldwide
The first step towards better performance.
Perfect for daily use.
Significant improved handling, braking performance and response characteristic.
Sportier look compared to OEM suspension.
You will instantly notice the significant improvement in handling, braking and responsiveness.
The icing-on-the-cake is the "no-more-fender-gap" appearance and improved fuel economy.
All the products are developed, manufactured and tested by Eibach.
Top-Performance Handling.
Lower centre of gravity.
Progressive spring design.
Excellent ride quality.
Part of the Eibach Pro-Kit.
Fits: Nissan GTR all models. Lowers front 20mm, rear 13mm.

Price: 264.00
Price (inc. VAT): 316.80

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