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Thread: Full Carbon Fibre Body R33

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    Full Carbon Fibre Body R33

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    That's NOT a GTR!!!The chassis number (you can see it to the left of the shiny fuel pressure regulator on the firewall) starts ECR which is a GTSt, a GTR is BCNR.
    Also the dashboard is GTSt, GTR has an 8k rev gauge with the needle starting straight down not horizontal, boost gauge is with the speedo and should be in a separate cluster with the stereo.
    Front wings/fenders are GTSt as the indicators are too long to be GTR.

    The engine is an RB25 not an RB26 as the front cam gear has the buldge for the NVCS (variable cam timing) which was never used on the GTR's RB26 and can't be retrofitted either as it works through an oil pressure switch that cant be fitted to the RB26.

    That turbo looks very small to be making over 800 as well and would be laggy as hell on the road - now thats an 810bhp set up.

    The carbon conversion is nice though.
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    I'd be scared to take it out the garage :O

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