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Thread: 10% off Hardrace online! @TMS Motorsport

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    10% off Hardrace online! @TMS Motorsport

    Offer expires Dec 31st 2017

    Ever wondered where you can buy Hardrace products in the UK? TMS Motorsport ship world wide and are currently offering 10% off online! This includes bushes, ARB's, arms etc. Perfect for overhauling the worn suspension arms and bushes on your Skyline over winter!

    No need to put in any fancy online codes as the parts are already discounted on our website! Follow the link below to get yours

    Buying 3 or more items? Get in contact to see how you can get free shipping.

    Hardrace suspension components. 10% off online!

    ..."Hardrace have been manufacturing adjustable control arms and other suspension arms for nearly 20 years. Their products are second to none when it comes to supplying parts worldwide for racing, street cars and track cars.

    Anti-dust, Spherical bearing construction:
    Carbonized Chromoly alloy steel ball bearing.
    Phosphor Bronze - provide toughness, increase strength and low coefficient of friction.
    Insulator rubber dust boot - prolongs the wear and tear of the bearing.
    Spherical bearing Chromoly Alloy outer Ring shell.

    Hardened Reinforced Rubber bushing:
    Made from high strength, anti-crack, low maintenance rubber material.
    Hardrace Harden Rubber rated at 62A is 150% stiffer than Original Equipment Manufacturer rubber bushing"...

    Mikeyp @ TMS Motorsport
    Email us :
    TMS Motorsport - Parts for Motorsport and Tuning - Online Shop

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