Hi all. New to the community, not new to being at a loss.
Iíve searched and searched EVERYWHERE, but have come up empty handed in searching for pictures of wiring diagrams of auto to manual swaps. I have the entire spare car(a wrecked GTT), and swapped engine/trans/Ecu/looms, etc, but cannot get my speedometer or reverse lights working. Have been driving the car in the dark for 6 months. I have read some posts on here and other forums, but they all end with pictures that were deleted, or details that leave me scratching my head.
To clarify: I swapped a non turbo/tiptronic R34 for a full GTT/manual conversion R34(coupe) and every single thing works in the car, with the exception of the speedometer.
Pictures are worth a thousand words! Any and all help is appreciated!