I've been looking into some upgrades with a initial target of about 450hp and but also have a future possibility of 600hp. The initial target is that I can't afford the complete rebuild at this time (and I don't want to end up in someones backyard from loosing control :P). The car in question is a R33 GTST RB25DET. I'm currently running 320hp with minor mods such as FMIC, oil cooler, mushroom air filter and Power FC.

With this I'm going for a top-mount turbo and thus replacing both manifolds (already acquired). I've been looking into some additional parts and was curious if I'm on the right track or if you think I should go for something else and of course if I've forgotten something

- ID1050x injectors
- Billet fuel rail (https://www.billet.net.au/products-p...fuel-rail-kit/)
- DW 340 fuel pump
- TurboSmart 1200 or 800 FPR
- Throttle body, use stock or get a bigger one?

I'm not entirely sure about the FPR and the throttle body so a little feedback on this would help based on my targets.

Thanks, and happy new year!