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Thread: Rb20det guru required for running issues

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    Rb20det guru required for running issues

    Just joined and introduced myself as I'm having some big problems with the running off my Rb20det in a 180sx I will try to be detailed as possible .

    Fault .

    Engine once up to temp won't idle for long and eventually stalls . I've managed to set the Base idle which will cause the idle to hunt . But as soon as I try and set the timing it stalls again .

    If I unplug the idle control valve it stalls ? Is this normal. , if I unplug the tps the revs go up and holds idle, if I plug the tps in again it try to stall.

    The idle control valve will not adjust via the screw unplugging it first as it stalls .

    What I've replaced is ,

    Maf , cold start valve , idle control valve , injectors , coil packs, coil pack loom , temp sensor , cas, all gaskets

    Compression test is above 160 on all 6

    I've checked timing and it's lining up as the factory manual I've checked this 3 times now .

    Engine spec .

    Stock engine ,
    Front facing inlet,
    Paddle clutch,
    45v4 turbo,
    Stage 1 ecu,
    No dv,
    Free flow hks exhaust ,
    Red jacket coil packs,

    I've researched the whole net over the few months and have tried all off the above and outdone all my expertise on the engine so any help or ideas would be appreciated please

    Another thing to add is where should the screw be set on the tb under the butterfly as mine isn't touching the butterfly pulley ?

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