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    Debating on renewing my mebership and seeing if i can start up some meets for Hampshire again but wold be worth it as the club is as it is?

    passion for skylines

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    I recently found myself in the same dilemma and sadly decided to call it a day. Forum membership seems to have died a death not just on here but on lots of other forums.
    The world has moved on and social media seems to be the go to place these days, which isn't everyone's cup of tea.
    Owning these cars has never been a cheap hobby and it's getting increasingly difficult to keep them legally on the road with ever more stringent MOT to contend with and I feel sadly that the days of Skyline ownership are numbered.
    I for one have enjoyed my 12yrs of ownership and have meet some great people through the early years in this club,but I'm afraid it's time to move on.

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