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Thread: I will not support a forum that is completley devoid of support

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    I will not support a forum that is completley devoid of support

    Mark I highly recommend that "NO ONE" supports your club any more because of the lack of support !!!

    Any new members "PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR A FULL MEMBERSHIP" until the powers at be can be bothered to support and fit for this forum

    I will not support this forum any more

    So good F.U.C.K.I.N luck to you Mark

    Sorry but your out of order mate, constant pm's & trying to get you to hand over the rains of this forum has "FALLEN ON DEAF EARS"

    I'll be back when things change, until then good luck

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    Sad to see what has happened to this forum, would be good to see it updated much more regularly,I don’t use Facebook forums or anything like that so for me a forum like this is what I need. Looks like you have a great offer from Steve there to help you guys out

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    Yea it’s all gone a bit Pete tong in fairness...

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